Argentina does not want to play with Brazil GETX24

Argentina does not want to play with Brazil GETX24

Argentina does not want to play with Brazil GETX24

The match did not take place when the officials of the Brazilian health organization Anvisa came down to the field last September.

Both teams had been assured of a place in the World Cup long ago. Meanwhile, the main round of the World Cup qualifiers in all regions is over - with only the European play-offs and intercontinental play-offs remaining. Brazil and Argentina are scheduled to play another friendly in June. Among them, there were questions as to whether or not this match of the World Cup qualifiers will take place, when, where and how. Argentina, meanwhile, said they did not want to play Brazil.

But FIFA yesterday again instructed the Argentine Football Association (AFA) that the match must be played next September. Earlier in the day, FIFA said in a new letter to AFA Secretary General Victor Blanco that the match would take place in Brazil, but that the venue had not yet been decided.

Four Argentine players who played in England did not comply with the coroner's ban on entering Brazil from England, allegations that Anvisa officials entered the match last September. The situation in Corona was even more complicated at the time, as England imposed restrictions on the entry of anyone from Brazil into their country, and Brazil retaliated by tightening the rules on the entry of anyone from England into their country. Anvisar alleged that four Argentine players broke that rule.

In the end, the match was played on the field, but the match was stopped when the officials of Anvisa entered the field in 7 minutes. Was later suspended. At first, FIFA thought that since the match was going to be played on Brazilian soil, the Brazil-Argentina match would be played in Brazil. But when the match was supposed to take place last September, where the match was taking place, who won and who lost here was very important. Now that the World Cup qualifiers are over, the fate of Brazil-Argentina does not depend on this match either.

The Argentine daily TYC Sport reports that the match could be played in Abu Dhabi or Dubai in the United Arab Emirates or in Qatar, the host country of the World Cup. Another option could be Australia, where tickets for the June 11 Brazil-Argentina friendly match also went on sale. But the problem is that Argentina does not want to play two matches in a row with Brazil like this.

 Even a friendly match cannot be ruled out. The match is being organized with the permission of FIFA, there is an investment of crores of rupees including advertising-broadcasting companies. Going to cancel that match means bringing legal trouble. Meanwhile, FIFA wants to host this qualifying match to end the World Cup qualifying schedule. The match on September 22 means that there will be no more than two months left for the World Cup. Messi's Argentina do not want to play twice against Neymar in the six months before the World Cup.

Argentina's argument is that they have played twice against all South American teams in the World Cup qualifiers, and in the five-six months before the World Cup, Argentina wants to play against a European team. In the meantime, many matches have been talked about.

The day of the match against Italy on June 1 at Wembley, the football ground of England, is just right. Conmebol, the governing body of South American football, and UEFA, the governing body of European football, have agreed to host matches between the two teams that won the Euro and Copa America. The match, called La Finalisima, is being hosted for the first time by 2021 Copa America winners Argentina and 2021 Euro winners Italy.

Which other team will Argentina play with before the World Cup in Qatar? According to Argentine football website Mundo Albiceleste, Argentina are in talks to play a friendly against Israel on June 6.

The match against Brazil in Australia is on June 11, but Argentina is not interested in playing two matches like this before the World Cup qualifier against Brazil. In addition, when the players are supposed to be on vacation during the break in the middle of the season in June, it seems that the Argentine team concerned will go to Australia and play that match.

Argentina was scheduled to play a friendly match with Mexico before the World Cup, but that match was canceled after both teams were in the same group at the World Cup. Lionel Scaloni's team can play with any other team in that place. Apart from this, there are rumors that Argentina will play against the national team of an Arab speaking country. That won't be Saudi Arabia, that's for sure. Saudi Arabia is also in the group of Argentina in the World Cup!


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