Microsoft plans to advertise XBOX for free games? GETX24

Microsoft plans to advertise XBOX  for free games? GETX24

Microsoft plans to advertise XBOX for free games? GETX24

New rumors are circulating in the gaming market, Microsoft is working on the technology to show ads in Xbox's 'free-to-play' games. That being said, the ads will not be a hindrance to the gamers' gaming experience.

Microsoft's new plan is mentioned in the report of the American publication 'Business Insider'.

Business Insider quoted the source as saying that the advertisements will not create any obstacle in the game. The commercial publication cites racing games as an example. The ads may be on the billboard next to the track during the race.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There is confusion over whether the ad will be shown on Avatar's skin or as a video in the game lobby, according to technology site Verge.

Insider insiders say Microsoft is probably worried because the ads could "annoy" gamers. In addition, Microsoft is planning to create a 'private marketplace' for a handful of brands.

Insider sources also say that Microsoft has no plans to share advertising revenue. Instead, the company wants to give game creators and advertising companies the opportunity to share revenue.

Microsoft may have made the decision to attract free-to-play game makers to the Xbox platform. This will open up other avenues of revenue for the makers as well as internal transactions of the game.

"We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of the players and the producers. We have nothing more to say. " A Microsoft spokesman said in a statement to Insider.

Although Verge wanted to know Microsoft's comments in this regard, the company did not provide any additional information other than the information given to Insider.

 However, the idea of ​​showing ads in console games is nothing new. From the mid-2000s to the end of the year, game makers conducted similar tests on paid games.

Business Insider reports that Microsoft will not use data collected from Bing and other services to show 'targeted' ads in Xbox games. According to the media's own sources, the ads will start appearing in the Xbox's 'free-to-play game' in the third quarter of the year.

While advertising real-life products in video games may seem fancy, gamers usually don't like ads in games bought with a lot of money. Electronic Arts (EA), the maker of the game, was outraged by a full-screen advertisement for the game 'UFC 4' in 2020. Gamers spent 60 for the game. EA was later forced to remove the ad.

Verge says that Microsoft may have thought of showing ads in "free-to-play" games only to avoid such a tragedy.






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